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Gaëtan Picon

The Gaëtan Picon conference was the occasion for a group of students to "appropriate" Denise Sabourin’s initial step in this work, which developed around Gaëtan Picon and his writing about ’Madame Moitessier’, the painting by Ingres.

Ingres’ picture has inspired a number of critics. What if the solitary sailor were akin to that lady ? Moitessier and his boat Joshua set sail from La Rochelle for a solitary voyage - a fulfilling inspiration indeed for the partners to set out Denise’s veils of gauze.

In the second piece of work, Denise harks back to the unseen that a picture may reveal and borrows the title of a book by Daniel Arasse ’On n’y voit rien’ (Nothing can be seen), which is written on the fan.
Gaëtan Picon had not pointed out the stain on the dress in the portrait of Madame Moitessier…

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