Denise Sabourin

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As she turned a page in her woman’s life, Cheiko started an occupation together with her second husband, with whom she set up « Dream », a firm for the circulation of Manga.
Cheiko met a twenty year old French girl. She gave her the kimono she used to have as a young girl – a personal patrimony if any, but also the emblem of a civilization.

By draping herself with this finery on her twentieth birthday, the young lady is seeking after her ideal of beauty. Thanks to the elegance of the costume, she is also achieving a dream – the gracefulness that seems to echo the ethereal daintiness of the Celestial Cloak, ’Hagoromo’, the special garment worn by goddesses visiting the Earth.
Thus the traditional ritual fits in with the legend, in an aesthetics of neatness and lightness.

Cheiko is inspired by this dream passing on, when she wears the gauze work by Denise Sabourin, in front of the traditional calligraphy of the « Dream » house. As the offering from the woman involved in her world to the young European woman, the generous act is epitomized in the phrase « Crater of the Heart ».

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