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Annie Bendayan is a homeopathic doctor who considers that art has a relevant place in the overall and energy-based approach of the being in pain. She has experienced taking part in Denise Sabourin’s creation process in the making of a work.
Annie Bendayan proposes to be a medical partner for this creative purpose.

In the instance of this work, Annie’s own personality is being unveiled. As a mother, she painted her primary work together with her daughters. A maternal wrap that she wanted to give life to for a while in Barcelona, a city of well-known creators - Gaudi, Miró, Tapiès, Picasso. But further, from Barcelona she derives the perception of her ability to orchestrate her various energetic and mental layers. A Qi Cong exercise in front of the international commercial port, some positive thinking soaring above Monjüic as a response to the presence of the Sagrada Familla, some meditation in the patio of Saint Paulo Abbey.
Her medical practice is where and when she embraces all her knowledge and feelings. This work is a comprehensive statement of these as a whole through a homeopathic method an thus the strength of an original outlook vividly comes forth. Annie’s practice is that of a craftsman who is not content unless he reaches the highest skill in his achievements complying with the rules of art. Annie beams with her joy of being - that of the conscious being, a consciousness bordering the several worlds.

If you too wish to have a work made, she receives you together with Denise Sabourin in order to listen, diagnose and then work out a treatment that will bring harmony to you. This first step takes place in the Languedoc-Roussillon region.
During these sessions of homeopathic therapy (organon of Hahnemann), and parallel to them, Denise Sabourin creates a primary work with you. This primary work will be used as a medium for particular events, both individual and collective, which will be shared with Denise Sabourin in the locations that you will select, so as to create the second work, to be embroidered.

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