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Ther’Art puts any person in a position to make his or her painting, with the assistance of the artist’s enlightened eye.

This method is implemented by combining artistic creation and energy medicine, especially homoeopathy practised according to Hahnemann’s organon.

Ther’Art is a snapshot. It is to the painter what haiku is to poetry.

As he is facing himself in the present moment, the being finds expression on a piece of surgical gauze. The patient will wear his painting as if it were a skin.
This sensory experience will become an experience of life – the body as it is ‘lived in’.

Ther’Art is a process in which the artist supports the therapist by acting as a stage-director for the patient. What takes place is a dialogue, a situational setting.
The painting is the area of this method which originates in the body to reach the core of a time and space materialized as a gauze surface. Colour is the conveyor, in a manifold dialogue between the practitioner in energy therapy, the patient and the artist. Light does take part. What is set onto the gauze is a live sketch which the patient will experiment and experience in a sensitive way. He will appropriate it, he will stage it, while making this new skin his own. This closeness to himself, a light touch, like a veil being lifted, will reveal the most unique feature of his own self.

As he is invited to create his own painting, the patient will not only put on a fresh skin, but he will also dress himself in a garment made of life and light, the historic witness of how meaningful this creative act has been.
But other forms of appropriation are possible.
Through the deep-felt experience, a self-revealed arousing takes place. This feeling of life is staged on a symbolic level. This metamorphosis is where the artist’s work dawns. The light turns to gold. The magic operates by a reciprocal reflection.

The canvas, as a stage-property which the actor-patient plays with, speaks about the corporeal awareness. But through the light and colours of this tangible creation, the patient also bears witness to his own share of beauty in the world. Ther’Art springs from the terrestrial root of a rainbow. Likewise, the actor embodies the tree. Beauty lets transcendence be.

The artistic process is punctuated in a triple time development, constantly attended by the medical care ;
- step of he gauze
- step of the seven photographs
- the making of a final painting by the artist.

The dress being worn and the seven pictures taken from various angles will be the cornerstones, so to speak, of a ‘Heart within the Self’.
The seven-faceted compound of pictures shall be the thread of Ariadne thanks to which the person walks across the seven thresholds of the self-contained individuality.

Ther’Art is a clue devised both to dress the whole being and to dress his wounds.
It is the privileged domain of energy therapies.

It is a therapeutic approach for the third millennium, a life-bearing and future-bearing method. As a scientific practice, it applies to all people, whether healthy or unwell or sick. It can be used by numerous therapists.
Such therapists practise a medical art that takes into account a respect for the human being. In his sensitive and scientific proceeding, the therapist must put together a knowledge and a practice of the ‘traditional arcana’ which allow an analogical type of approach.
The analogical approach enables to scan all that life is made of. Such a pattern considers man as a creature pertaining to the overall sphere between sky and earth. On this account, it is respectful of biological rhythm, nature and ecosystem.

The analogical approach is a path toward the most sensitive and the most sensible qualities in us, that make sense and awaken to the ‘co-sense’ or conscience.
In its time it reveals the human being with his dynamics, whether conscious or unconscious, should he assert or doubt or even deny. The analogical approach reveals the being to his wholeness.

The analogical approach is to be opposed to other therapeutic practices that pervade much of our world. Antibiotic, antidepressant methods are often palliative if not repressive, toxic or radioactive. They are suppressive of the sense of corporeal life, in this violent world where the expression of the singular being is bound to be systematically trampled on.

We are part of a living world. A nomadic art with no boundaries, Ther’Art just needs men in order to exist.

Ther’Art is the token of a birth, its own, aiming at a rebirth.
Retracing together a tangle of life, to weave our future.
Along this path, there is good reason to be focused. This quest for the very essence of the live being, of the individuated self, requires all our senses, so as to make sense.

The awakening enables the energy to circulate better,
- within the self,
- in relationship with the other individual, the ‘you’, the alter ego,
- in relationship with the world at large.

The individual, an actor and a patient, comes into contact with his shade, with his light.
Ther’Art puts us in touch with our inner yin and yang…
our gloom
our interiority
our origin
our secret
our brightness
our disclosure in the world.

Ther’Art allows the heart to open up and share, and like the morning dew, it draws from us the most subtle constituent and connects us to our JOY.
This is how our age can learn to bid its coevals to the celebration of life.

The practice of live art is a subtle match of scientific rationality and dialectics on the one hand, and the field of the senses and analogical thought on the other hand.
The partners involved in this process partake in the art of being. And on the narrow footbridge they step across, they are the actors in the art of healing.

Annie Bendayan and Denise Sabourin
Translated by Ysé Dalgrant

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