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This work was conceived during a three-month friendly relationship with Sophie Calle. She lent her work "Los Angeles" to the art gallery at the Lycée Valin (high school) in La Rochelle.
In 1987 she had asked 20 residents of Los Angeles the question "Where are your angels ?" In 2004 some students in La Rochelle asked her the double question "Où est l’ange amer ?", which means both "Where is the seamark-angel ?" and "Where is the bitter angel ?" For these students, La Rochelle, which is on the sea (la mer) brings about a pun on both the words "seamark" (l’amer) and "bitter" (l’amer). In French these three words sound the same.

Denise Sabourin created a 2 x 2 meter gauze work using Sophie Calle’s portrait and some texts produced by the students on the twofold theme of the "seamark-angel" and the "bitter angel". They searched for both by wearing the gauze work, which Sophie Calle in turn dressed herself in at her exhibition "M’as-tu vue" (Have you seen me) at the Centre Pompidou - Beaubourg in Paris, in January 2004.

This work sets out the traces of this interaction while bearing witness to the outstanding event of the opening of an art gallery in a public High school.

On the digital print of the work, the portrait has purposely been erased in order to highlight the ’embroidered mask’ on Sophie Calle’s face.

The embroidery of this work, called "As-tu vu l’ange amer" (Have you seen the seamark angel / the bitter angel), has been made by the Bégonia professional workshop in Rochefort-sur-Mer.

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